What we offer...

Maybe you are having the same problem as many architectural and/or engineering consulting offices. These problems are basically two:

1. When paying your employees (architects and/or engineers) for hours worked, the invoices you receive from them could be monumental ... sometimes: exaggerated!

2. You have no productive capacity because you are overcrowded with projects and the staff at your service cannot handle new ones.

We can solve both problems because once we suffered them.  You quote your client a project and the production costs ended, in many cases, exceeding your income.

In order to solve those two big problems, we charge you by the square foot, and that way you will always know what your production cost will be.

We can offer you MEP & Structural engineering and architectonic plans; structural calculations... descriptive reports of computers and digitized plans.  Design and calculations of mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations.   Hydraulic installations.   Descriptive reports of calculations, plans, and isometrics.  Let us calculate your projects and give you a quote, free of charge.